ATEN Unizon : Global AV Management Platform


[ Unizon ] รีวิว จำหน่าย ราคา ATEN Unizon คือ Global AV Management Platform ที่จะช่วยให้การบริหารจัดการระบบสะดวกมากยิ่งขึ้น


  • Centralized management, monitoring, and control for ATEN Ethernet-based AV solutions
  • Real-time device monitoring and tracking – automatically detects and shows device connection status, hardware conditions, and firmware versions for remote maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Global control and scheduling – supports device grouped control, event scheduling, and batch firmware upgrade
  • 5-level device location tree – easily navigate the device
  • by drilling down by room, floor, building, or even city
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OS SupportWindows 7(32/64 bit) and above
Storage Capacity10GB available hard disk space
System Memory8GB
Web BrowserInternet Explorer v.11 or later
Microsoft Edge v.79.0.309 or later
Mozilla Firefox v.72.0 or later
Google Chrome v.80.0 or later
BasicNo. of Managed Devices: 50
Valid Period: Lifetime
StandardNo. of Managed Devices: 500
Valid Period: Lifetim
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